Invest in Yourself

Invest in yourself

Many of the students, both International and American, you are probably concerned about how you will pay for your studies in the USA. Don’t let this destroy the impelling plans you have made. With a little planning, you will come out ahead. If you are feeling amazed by the cost, consider what an American education and degree will mean to your future. Education is one of the best investments you can make—an investment in yourself. Plus, the money isn’t all going toward lab fees and library late book charges. You are also going to be having fun, spending money on things like ski trips and nights out on the town, eating different kind of food with your new friends! Make the detailed estimate for the overall cost of your study in America, and then create the definite budget. Be careful that many U.S. universities and colleges require that international students pay for their first year’s tuition in one instalment. In order to pay this massive amount, you and your family needs to start saving in advance. Despite this, don’t let the cost of a university education in the USA scare you off!

Financing Your U.S. Education

Start your financial planning as early as possible. Each year international students receive significant amounts of financial assistance for their studies. To finance your U.S. education, you may have to rely on financial aid packages, which include grants, scholarships, loans and work/ study options. U.S. education and expertise in English paves the way to more secure and higher paying jobs.


Very few U.S. universities and colleges are able to offer flourishing financial aid to international students. Therefore, it is critical for you and your family to be responsible for all of your education, personal housing, and food costs. Scholarships are for alternating amounts and one will only cover a small portion of the total amount required for an academic year in the States. You can write to the school of your choice to ask for a scholarship consideration form. But, you should first check with your family, government, home institution, and any other organizations to which you belong as a source for funding your studies. If the scholarship program originates from your country, the process may be easier for you.


Loans can make your source to study as an international student in the United States. Compare interest rates and terms at various financial institutions to find the best deal for the long term. Just like any other investment, remember the return. You will be investing in your future career and earning power. Research your all options first and it is best to gain as much funding as possible—money you don’t owe back— and then, if need be supplement the remaining costs with loans.


An estimated 75 percent of all full-time students studying at U.S. universities and colleges hold at least part-time jobs. If you are coming to the USA for more than a short-term program or exchange it is likely that you will have an F-1 student visa. With this type of visa you may qualify for work/study programs at your school. You might want to work extra hours while still in your home country, as visa restrictions in the USA reduce the number of hours you are able to work.