1. What are the employment opportunities?

Singapore is very particular about students’ employments who are studying in its institutions. Jobs are available to students who are enrolled only in universities and polytechnic institutions. But students who study in Private institutions aren’t entitled to work part time during their course duration. Students who study in universities and polytechnic institutes are entitled to work for almost 16 hours a week during semesters, however they are allowed to work for full time during semester breaks. Full time employment in Singapore is always precious for international students as it opens out a new world in front of them which extends its wings wide into global arena. Singapore, as earlier discussed, has become a center for South East Asia and this provides ample opportunities for Students who study in Singapore institutions to get employed more likely.

2. How to obtain a Green Card?

Nationals from the following nationalities are eligible to apply for permanent residence:
P, Q and S work pass holders (Professional, Technical, and Skilled workers), Investors, and Entrepreneurs can apply for permanent residence of Singapore.

3. What is the Education System in Singapore?

Singapore’s educational institutions are of two types. They are Private Education Organizations and Universities.

4. How to apply for a Singapore University?

Intakes in Singapore are very recurrent and frequent. Though Universities offer very less intakes a year like in August and February, Private institutes go to an extent of offering multiple intakes in a year like January, February, August, September etc.