1. When can I apply for a visa?

Opening hours of the visa application centre is from 9:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs from Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

2. When can I collect my passport?

0900 hrs – 1630 hrs Monday – Friday

3. What if I do not bring all the documents needed?

Visa applications will only be accepted if all supporting documents as per requirements are produced.

4. I am under 18 years. Does my application require specific documents?

Your legal guardian must grant parental consent with his/her signature on a proper letterhead stating that he/she also bears all responsibility for the applicant. Also required is a copy of the guardian’s passport.

5. Do I have to apply personally at the competent Latvia VFS Application centre or can my application be submitted by a third party?

The visa application must be submitted in person or a family member submitted on behalf of other group members of the same family.

6. Can I sign my own company letter?

No. Your partner or employer must sign the company letter. Letters signed by the applicant will not be accepted.

7. What are the tuition fees at Latvian institutions?

The cost of studies depends on the institution and the programme being followed. The range is from 1000 EUR per year in Teacher training programme (4 years of studies) to 10,000 EUR per year for a Dental Surgeon’s degree (5 years) to 24,000 EUR for Executive Master of Business Administration studies. Detailed information on tuition fees is provided with each study programme description in the studyinlatvia.lv database.

8. Am I able to communicate with people in English?

Yes. English is a language supported by European Union treaty, thus, you will be able to communicate with people in this language.

9. Are any scholarships available?

State Education Development Agency offers scholarships to foreign students and teaching staff for studies, research work and participation in summer schools in Latvia.

10. Can I stay and work in Latvia after completing my studies?

Yes, after completing your degree and finding an employment, your employer will apply for a residence permit for you. For more information about different types of visa, work permit and permanent residence, please visit latvia.embassyhomepage.com