1. Is there a Post study work option or possibility of applying for PR?

German government allows an 18 months Post Study work permit after completion of your course, during this period you could look for a permanent job relevant to your qualification.

2. What are the general entry requirements for Universities?

You are required to score in English Language Test i.e. IELTS, TOEFL. And GRE/GMAT/GATE/German Language is not mandatory.

3. What are the possibilities of getting a scholarship?

In Germany, all are the State funded Govt. Universities and do not have much tuition fee. So, scholarship chances are very less.

4. What are the intakes in Germany?

There are two intakes ‘summer’ and ‘winter’. Application for ‘summer’ intake generally ends by mid January and May mid for ‘winter’ session. You should start working on your admission process at least 6 months in advance.

5. What is the medium of instruction?

Most of the Masters courses are available in English medium but Bachelors are in German Medium. So it is necessary to have proficiency in German Language.

6. Is there any need to learn German language?

It’s not mandatory but recommended. Some Universities offer German language course at beginner’s level as it helps in day to day life.

7. When should I start the application process?

It is advisable to start an application process minimum of 6 months in advance to Intake.

8. Can I work Part Time while studying?

Yes, you can work for 120 full days / 240 half days in a year

9. How long the application and VISA process will take?

Application processing time takes 4-6weeks after the deadlines and VISA processing time takes 45-60 days.