1. How long does it take to get a student visa to France?

The Campus France process takes at least three weeks and the Consulate process takes minimum of two weeks. The application process can begin no sooner than 90 days before the departure date.

2. How do you become a citizen of France?

Becoming a French Citizen through Naturalization. Obtain a residency visa. Before you can apply for citizenship through naturalization, you'll have to get the appropriate visa or entry permit. The general rule is that you'll need to apply to the French consulate where you live, to begin the process

3. What is a French national?

A "French national" or”French" is someone who has the French nationality, either by being born French, or after having become French later. A "French citizen" is a "French" who also have its full civic and political rights, by being older than 18 and not having those rights been removed by a judge for a reason.

4. Is French Language compulsory in France?

No, French Universities are now using English as the language of instruction especially in areas like Management, Engineering, and Political science etc, to attract more international students. It is advisable to learn some French in order to compete with French students.

5. May I work in France?

International Students may work part time if their timetable permits as long as they are registered at an institution approved by the French social security system. Even first year students coming to France for the first time have the right to work part time 20 hrs per week.

6. What Visa status will I have as a student?

International students coming from countries outside the European Union for programs more than 6 months must obtain a long term students visa from the French consulate.

7. How can I find housing in France?

Several housing plans are available for international students enrolling at French Universities and Institution. They help the students to find the accommodation.