Student Partner Program

The government of Canada has a very special program for Indian students, and this is called the Student Partner program (SPP Canada).

This program allows Indian student to get visa very quickly and with minimal documentation. In addition to this Indian student will also get work permit after doing their studies. Canadian government has appointed few selected colleges to get admission under SPP Program Canada. Most of the colleges listed under the SPP program are Canadian government funded and offer very high level of education.

According to the present regulation of work permit in Canada, the duration of the program selected for two years or more will get a work permit for 3 years in Canada. If the duration of study is for less than 2 years then the duration of work permit will be equal to the duration of study.

Duration of Study Work Permit Period
2 years 3 Years
Less than 2 years Equal for the duration of study

In addition in most cases for the first six months the student will be entitled to work only inside the college campus.

Major Advantages of applying under SPP -

  • Streamlined admission and visa guidelines for all SPP participating institutions.
  • Less visa documentation.
  • Faster visa processing.

Admission Requirement -

Programs Duration Background Past % IELTS Terms/Intakes
Diploma 1 Yr or Less,
2 Yrs, 3 Yrs,
4 Yrs & more
High School of 12th Std  A levels 50% or more 6.0 Bands Spring, Summer, Fall
Bachelors 2 Yrs, 3 Yrs,
4 Yrs & more
High School of 12th Std A levels 55% or more 6.0 – 6.5 Bands Spring, Summer, Fall
Advance Diploma 1 Yr or Less,
2 Yrs, 3 Yrs
High school + Diploma of 
1-2 Years
55% or more 6.0 Bands Spring, Summer, Fall
Post Graduate Diploma 1 Yr or Less,
2 Yrs,
4 Yrs & more
Bachelors complete 60% or more 6.5 Bands Spring, Summer, Fall

Types of Certification to Study in Canada -

  • Diploma: Is a qualification awarded on the basis of one or two years of successful study.
  • Advanced Diploma: Is a 3 years program some of which may lead to a Bachelors Degree.
  • Bachelors Degree: Are awarded by Universities/ University Colleges/ Community Colleges after four years of full-time study and lead to graduate level studies.
  • Post Graduate Diplomas / Certificates: It leads to a Masters Degree. These programs have work terms which provide full-time opportunities to gain practical experience along with theoretical studies. A typical co-op term lasts 12 to 17 weeks. The prerequisite to participate in these programs is a Bachelors Degree of 3 or 4 years duration.
  • Masters Degree: Is an option for Bachelors Degree. Graduates who have an interest in further learning and research and for those who want to broaden their career possibilities. It is for 2 yrs duration and can be pursued after 4 yrs Bachelors or 3yrs Bachelors & 1year Post Graduate Diploma from Canada.