1) How do I know I am eligible for an Australian Student Visa?
  • You have the required academic score in your HSC or bachelor education
  • You have genuine evidences against your gap in between education
  • You have to have sufficient funds to pay for your tuition, your plane tickets and to support yourself and your accompanying family members throughout your stay in Australia.
  • You have to have sufficient English level to be able to complete the course.
  • Be of good health and character
2) How do I know if I will be required to sit an English Language Test?

English language test is a mandatory criterion for Australia student visa process. So you need to choose between IELTS or PTE or other English test if you are considering higher studies down under.

3) Can I include my family on my Australian student visa?

Yes, you will be able to include your dependent family members on your visa. Their visas will be approved for the same duration as your visa.

4) How long will my visa take to process?

Most student visas take approximately 4-6 weeks to process, however the timeframes vary depending on Immigration. But the official time period is 12 weeks.

5) What is the average salary in Australia?

Minimum wage rate is AUD18 per hour. You may earn less or more than this depending upon the employer and prevailing situations. You may earn around AUD22,000 per year even if you work part time the whole year.

6) Do I get the fee refund if my visa is rejected?

Yes, you do. University refunds the fees excluding the application fee.

7) Is there a Post study work option or possibility of applying for PR?

Students you have completed their graduation/bachelors education in Australia are eligible to put forward an application for a two year post-study work visa. Similarly you are eligible for 3 year post-study work visa after you have completed your Master’s by research and 4 years post study work permit years after completing PhD course in Australia.

8) Can I travel overseas while I am in Australia on a student visa?

Yes. The Australian Student Visa is a multiple-entry visa which means you can leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you like during its validity.

9) Can I work Part Time while studying?

Yes, you can work up to 40- hours per fortnightly part time and full time during your university vacations.

10) What are the possibilities of getting a scholarship? How do I apply for them?

There are various factors on which a university decides to whom the scholarships should be granted. Your academic performance, your involvement in co-curricular activities, sports, etc.

11) What are the intakes in Australia?

There are two intakes for Admissions in Australian Institution – February & July, with some universities offering multiple intakes in September & November. A university takes 4-6 weeks generally to process an application so you should be ideally apply 7-8 months prior to the intake so that you have ample amount of time for post admissions process.